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Heartland’s James Taylor hits new low with defamatory false accusations against NOAA

The NOAA’s National Climate Data Center recently announced that the last 12 months were the warmest on record in the “contiguous” U.S., extending the 2011-12 hot streak that has now eclipsed the previous record in 1999-2000 by a half degree … Continue reading


Open Thread, May 2012

Many of you no doubt noticed that there have been no new posts in some time; in fact, there was not a single post in April. Let me assure you that May will be different, starting with a brand new … Continue reading

McKitrick hides the context

[UPDATE, Nov. 30:  I have added at the end a response from Ross McKitrick (originally posted as a comment at Judith Curry’s website), along with my additional commentary. Also the third paragraph has been slightly amended to clarify that the … Continue reading

Open Thread #9

Here are some possible topics: Discussion (or lack of thereof) concerning climate change issues in the Canadian election campaign. Steve McIntyre’s recent attacks on Keith Briffa and Tim Osborn, which also happen to contradict earlier allegations that IPCC TAR lead … Continue reading

Post Normal Meltdown in Lisbon, part 2

A world famous environmental journalist has just blogged about a workshop aimed at “reconciliation” between climate scientists and their critics. But hardly any actual scientists showed up, and now one of the missing invitees is complaining bitterly about the journalist’s … Continue reading

Post Normal Meltdown in Lisbon, part 1

[Update: Fred Pearce’s New Scientist article has been updated. More below] It was all going so well. The climate contrarians, along with a handful of sympathetic scientists, had offered an olive branch of reconciliation to the climate science mainstream, discussed … Continue reading

Wegman on Deep Climate (and “climategate”)

John Mashey has released an updated version of Strange Investigations at George Mason University [SIGMU PDF at DeSmogBlog], which tells the story of GMU’s slow-as-molasses misconduct  inquiry of Edward Wegman through various email exchanges between paleoclimatologist Raymond Bradley and GMU. … Continue reading

Looking back and looking forward

By Deep Climate Given the time of year, and with a spiffy report from WordPress on Deep Climate sitting in my mailbox, this seems as good a time as any to take stock as well as talk a little bit … Continue reading

George Mason University’s endless inquiry

By Deep Climate A year ago, I first identified scholarship issues in the 2006 Wegman report, the contrarian touchstone commissioned by Republican congressman Joe Barton as part of his concerted campaign to discredit the “hockey stick” temperature reconstruction and the … Continue reading

Open Thread #7

By Deep Climate Yes, Wegmania continues on and on, but readers no doubt would like to discuss other topics as well. The return of the Daily Mail’s David Rose and his claims that global warming “has halted” [h/t MapleLeaf] has … Continue reading