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Contrarian scholarship: Revisiting the Wegman report

[Update, Dec. 19: This post has been substantially revised to remove speculation about Donald Rapp’s possible role in the Wegman report. I apologize for any embarrassment caused to Donald Rapp or Edward Wegman by that speculation. The post has also … Continue reading


Tom Harris, Heartland and the 2007 Bali open letter to the U.N.

There has been renewed scrutiny of climate contrarian PR specialist Tom Harris in the wake of a highly critical report on a controversial course Harris taught at Carleton University, most recently in 2011. Much of the current interest in Harris … Continue reading

Another “climategate” whopper from McIntyre

By Deep Climate There’s been quite a stir about NCAR Senior Scientist Kevin Trenberth and his upcoming presentation at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Some of that spilled over here in a spirited discussion of Trenberth’s failure to blockquote … Continue reading

Looking back and looking forward

By Deep Climate Given the time of year, and with a spiffy report from WordPress on Deep Climate sitting in my mailbox, this seems as good a time as any to take stock as well as talk a little bit … Continue reading

George Mason University’s endless inquiry

By Deep Climate A year ago, I first identified scholarship issues in the 2006 Wegman report, the contrarian touchstone commissioned by Republican congressman Joe Barton as part of his concerted campaign to discredit the “hockey stick” temperature reconstruction and the … Continue reading

McShane and Wyner 2010

Over at ClimateAudit and WUWT they’ve broken out the champagne and are celebrating (once again) the demise, nay, the shattering into 1209 tiny splinters, of the Mann et al “hockey stick” graph, both the 1998 and 2008 editions. The occasion … Continue reading

Morano sends lies from UK Times and Daily Mail around the world

Get ready. Lies originating in the U.K. over the weekend in newspaper stories by Jonathan Leake of the Times and Jonathan Petre of the Mail on Sunday, are about to hit the contrarian echo chamber. As usual, Marc Morano is … Continue reading

In the beginning: The National Post, Terence Corcoran and Tom Harris

Those who follow various media battles about climate science and policy are undoubtedly familiar with the nonsensical and scurrilous commentary to be found in the Wall Street Journal, and even in major dailies like the Washington Post. But no other … Continue reading


June, 2015 Welcome to Deep Climate, an exploration of climate science and climate science misinformation in Canada and beyond.  As the focus of this blog has evolved somewhat (and will continue to do so), I will be updating this “About” … Continue reading