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Wegman (and Rapp) on tree rings: A divergence problem (part 1)

    There has been renewed interest in the Wegman Report, which purported to critique the work of paleoclimatolgists Michael Mann, Raymond Bradley and Malcolm Hughes and their controversial “hockey stick” millennial temperature reconstruction. Today we’ll take a closer look … Continue reading


Contrarian scholarship: Revisiting the Wegman report

[Update, Dec. 19: This post has been substantially revised to remove speculation about Donald Rapp’s possible role in the Wegman report. I apologize for any embarrassment caused to Donald Rapp or Edward Wegman by that speculation. The post has also … Continue reading

James Gentle and Karen Kafadar take over at WIREs Computational Statistics

There has been a big change at WIREs Computation Stats. In a stunning (but welcome) development, James Gentle of GMU and Karen Kafadar of IndianaUniversity have been named editors-in-chief, joining  remaining original editor David Scott. I last discussed WIREs Comp Stat … Continue reading

Tom Harris, Heartland and the 2007 Bali open letter to the U.N.

There has been renewed scrutiny of climate contrarian PR specialist Tom Harris in the wake of a highly critical report on a controversial course Harris taught at Carleton University, most recently in 2011. Much of the current interest in Harris … Continue reading

Mining new depths in scholarship, part 1

I examine the opening chapter by Edward Wegman and Jeffrey Solka in the 2005 Handbook of Statistics: Data Mining and Data Visualization (C Rao, E Wegman and J Solka, editors).  Sections 3 (The Computer Science Roots of Data mining ), … Continue reading

John Mashey lecture tour: The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science

[Update, April 9-12: John Mashey’s presentation, entitled The Machinery of Climate Anti-Science, is now available at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) website. The recorded video of Mashey’s presentation is also now available from PICS. PICS is a multidiscplinary … Continue reading

Another “climategate” whopper from McIntyre

By Deep Climate There’s been quite a stir about NCAR Senior Scientist Kevin Trenberth and his upcoming presentation at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Some of that spilled over here in a spirited discussion of Trenberth’s failure to blockquote … Continue reading

Looking back and looking forward

By Deep Climate Given the time of year, and with a spiffy report from WordPress on Deep Climate sitting in my mailbox, this seems as good a time as any to take stock as well as talk a little bit … Continue reading

George Mason University’s endless inquiry

By Deep Climate A year ago, I first identified scholarship issues in the 2006 Wegman report, the contrarian touchstone commissioned by Republican congressman Joe Barton as part of his concerted campaign to discredit the “hockey stick” temperature reconstruction and the … Continue reading

Open Thread #7

By Deep Climate Yes, Wegmania continues on and on, but readers no doubt would like to discuss other topics as well. The return of the Daily Mail’s David Rose and his claims that global warming “has halted” [h/t MapleLeaf] has … Continue reading