Welcome to Deep Climate, an exploration of the climate science “skeptic” phenomenon in Canada and beyond. I look at the organizations that propagate climate science disinformation and the public relations professionals who have worked behind the scenes to ensure maximum impact of that disinformation. I try both to “follow the money” (flowing primarily from special interests opposed to regulation or taxation of greenhouse gas emissions) and to “follow the science” (by exposing the most egregious flaws in the “evidence” against the attribution ofcontemporary climate change primarily to human causes). From time to time, I’ll also “follow the politics” and examine the various ties between the “skeptic” disinformation efforts and right-wing political parties, including the Conservative Party of Canada and the Republican Party in the U.S..

Canadian climate science disinformation organizations include the Friends of Science Society, Natural Resources Stewardship Project, The Fraser Institute, The Frontier Centre for Public Policy and Energy Probe. By far, the most active PR professional in climate science disinformation has been Tom Harris (ex-APCO Worldwide, NRSP co-founder and now head of the International Climate Science Coalition). Morten Paulsen, now of Fleishman-Hillard, was also active in 2005-2006.

It has long been assumed that oil and gas companies have provided financial backing and other support for the various initiatives. Of course, Exxon-Mobil’s support of controversial “skeptic” organizations, including the Fraser Institute, is well known. Evidence is also emerging about the role of Canadian companies, such as Encana, Imperial Oil and Talisman in support of climate disinformation campaigns.

In recent years Canadian “skeptics” have had a large impact internationally. This has led me to examine the dubious scholarship, activities and connections of mining executive-turned-blogger Steve McIntyre and economist Ross McKitrick.  Thus, exposure of the false accusations of “climategate” and the shoddy scholarship of the 2006 Wegman Report continue to figure prominently. I have also looked at Tom Harris’s efforts at forging an anti-science coalitions and associated disinformation campaigns in Australia and New Zealand.

So there’s much to cover. But for now, I leave you with following information about myself.

I am a Canadian citizen residing in Canada. For private and professional reasons, I prefer to remain anonymous to the general public, at least for now.

The following facts may be relevant, however:

  • I am a past volunteer contributor to SourceWatch.org, an online encyclopedia.
  • I have no affiliation or membership in any political party.
  • I have received no financial or other consideration for writing this blog or related activities, all of which were done on my own time.
  • I have identified myself at all times in my private correspondence with other individuals, who include various principals involved in the topics to be presented here.