All those funny names look the same to Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt is Australia’s answer to Canada’s Lorne Gunter:  another climate contrarian and general all round right-wingnut. Like most of his ilk, Bolt is a rabid critic of government immigration policy and says Australia needs to “rethink immigration intakes”. And Andrew’s thinking, if that’s the right word, is that it would “make sense to choose those most likely to fit in”, which apparently do not include Muslims and other “people from war-torn, tribal and backward countries”. His critics reasonably point to what appears to be a “blatant racist hypocrisy”.

Well, I’m sure that’s the major part of it. But it’s also got to be the funny names.

You see, Bolt has recently jumped onto the wildly careening McIntyre bandwagon, repeating a lot of the same idiocies about the supposed demise of the “hockey stick” global temperature chart as Ross McKitrick and Lorne Gunter before him.

But he adds his own twist:

But last year Briffa and colleague Fritz Schweingruber again published a paper with the Yamal data, this time in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. And this time, when McIntyre asked for the data, the journal got Briffa to hand it over.

A year later he has done so, and McIntyre swiftly found that the trees he relied on were astonishingly few – just 10 by 1990. Why had more not been used to produce a more reliable sample?

McIntyre found that Briffa could have used 34 more tree ring cores from Yamal that he’d actually referred to in other papers, and which had been collected by his colleague Schweingruber himself.

There’s one slight problem with this searing indictment. Can you spot it?

Here’s the list of authors for “Trends in recent temperature and radial tree growth spanning 2000 years across northwest Eurasia” in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B:

  1. Keith R Briffa*,
  2. Vladimir V Shishov,
  3. Thomas M Melvin
  4. Eugene A Vaganov,
  5. Håken Grudd,
  6. Rashit M Hantemirov,
  7. Matti Eronen and
  8. Muktar M Naurzbaev

Sc … Schw … Nope,  Schweingruber doesn’t appear to be there. Oh well, at least Bolt spelled it correctly.

Over to you, Tim Lambert.


10 responses to “All those funny names look the same to Andrew Bolt

  1. A little off topic;

    Gunter drives me nuts, he not only spreads his c**p on the NP website but goes on talk shows such as that other RW nutbar Chuck Adled.

    I occasionally leave comments at both places but I’m severely outnumbered by people who wouldn’t know research and science if they were soaked in it.

    Have you ever used your not informidable writing/research skills to leave comments on Gunter’s site?

    BTB, I’ve recently joined the AGW world from the evolution/creation fight. (t.o.)

  2. Deep Climate

    It’s a thought, but does anyone read his site?

    Speaking of Gunter, he has a starring role in Peter Sinclair’s latest Climate Crock of the Week: Birth of a Crock. I linked to this before, but here it is again. Priceless.

  3. Welcome to a new world of loons to whack, Gary. We always need another good mallet on our side.

    I’m sure you’ve noticed it is difficult to tell this species from the one found in t.o. Indeed, there appears to be considerable interbreeding.

  4. DC,
    That is rather my point, the number of conservatives listening to Chuck, and in my area, John Gormley, seems to be increasing. Small Dead Animals has a huge following that needs to be taken down a notch or two regarding both AGW and evolution.

    Dan L,
    The first thing I noticed was the similarity of tactics between AGW denialists and Evolution denialists (cdesign proponentists)

    full disclosure: recent = 6 or 7 months (I think).

  5. Don’t know much about “Canadia” or the people you mention, but Andrew Bolt is a Murdoch property obviously pleasing his master. He famously yelled abuse at Al (fatty) Gore at a Murdoch love in.

    The public broadcaster here in aus, the ABC, is derisively known as “Radio Rupert” due to the incestuous nature of their closeness to Murdoch (one of his airborne primates in chief was appointed to the board of the ABC by the last federal government; in Brisbane the ABC morning radio host is the wife of the mono-media-murdoch editor of the only paper in town…etc.). The ABC is crawling with content/interviewees straight out of Murdochland. Andrew Bolt is just one who relentlessly get airtime on the ABC TV with a semi permanent spot on the Sunday morning TV show along with several other Murdoch properties.

    These people command large armies of flying monkeys but Rupert is still on the verge of going totally broke. He will probably get away with it as he has done previously but his nutty attacks on the interwebs and Google lately could indicate that he will ‘swing and miss’ this time.

    Fingers crossed!

  6. Has anyone answered why so few tree’s were used in a period when millions could easily have been included?

  7. mailman,
    If you read the literature, you’ll find that living larches are comparatively few in the region canvassed by Hantemirov and Shiyatov. Also the Yamal region is not that accessible – H&S used helicopter and boat to collect their samples.

    Nevertheless, as explained in the previous post (“Let the backpedalling begin”, the H&S 17 live tree sample set has now been augmented to almost 200, presumably through additional sampling and a change in standardization technique that permits the use of shorter-lived trees (regional curve standardization). Results based on the expanded data set are very close to the original Briffa reconsruction based on H&S data.The study and results are to be submitted for publication soon, if they haven’t already.

    I wonder if there are any recent hires with connections to Murdoch at work in the ABC’s Unleashed series. That would explain a lot (see my previous posts on ABC and Plimer, a subject I’ll be returning to).

  8. How does his views on immigration play into the debate? That is to me a nonsensical aside and a lame attempt at a slur.

    For the record, immigration policy is the domain of all sovereign countries. As a the case of the Toronto 18 in Canada demonstrates, it is not an idle concern.

  9. Yes, we can see how well that unfettered Islamic immigration has worked out for France, England and Belgium.

    They are just now waking up and taking action. Likely to late.

    How many car-b-ques can one have in France every night?

  10. I agree with stop murdoch. On top of that Bolt has many times been caught out with his misinformation, but do you think he ever prints a retraction? Never, in fact, he expands on his intial lies with even more lies. Funny you should mention the ABC like that Stop Murdoch. Bolt has a blog nearly every second day screaming left wing bias at the ABC if they so much as question or disagree with anything the AGW deniers have to say. Yet every single paper, tv & commercial talk back media is owned & manned by right wing nut jobs. Like Fox news, they have their token left winger in a sea of right wingers & call it balanced. Then bay for blood over the ABC.

    If you try to take issue with anything AGW on his blog you are either censored outright, or allowed to post, then after his friends from deliverance have descended over you on mass, he censors your subsequent posts so that you have no right of reply. A master of propaganda & misinformation.